October 28, 2021


Why do we need teamwork and how can it be effective?

The Motorcycle children are learning about Community Helpers.  Many community workers are part of a team but why do they work in teams?

In response to the question, the children suggested community workers often need to collaborate with their teammates to finish their work.  They also investigated the question through playing games together to find out the importance of teamwork and how can teamwork be efficient.  

In a scavenger game, the children were split into two groups to collect gems around the room.  They saw the power of teamwork when they saw the group with many people got a lot more gems than the group with only a few people in it.  

Through a game of broken telephone, they saw the importance of clear communication and listening is to teamwork.  The message was changed when it was not communicated clearly.  When we do not pay attention to other team members, we cannot finish our tasks!

As Helen Keller (author and disability rights advocate) had said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.  After the activities, the children strongly agree that having teamwork is much better and more efficient than completing tasks alone.