Curriculum Overview

Accompanied (6 months to 2 years)

The Woodland Journey starts with Accompanied classes from 6 months of age, where you and your child can join our caring educators to learn and grow together in a tailor-made environment.

Every experience leads our babies and toddlers to new discoveries about their immediate world and themselves. Our caring educators will guide you and your child to learn, discover and enhance their natural tendencies. Our programmes emphasise language and motor skill development to enhance muscle memory through play, repetition and fun, helping our little ones prepare for unaccompanied classes.


Our youngest children enjoy 15 to 30 minutes of immersive Mandarin in each class. A Mandarin Specialist will lead a portion of the class in small group setting and the context for teaching the Mandarin skills will align with classroom experiences and learning where possible.

Discovering Senses

Our babies are discovering the world through their senses. Everything is new and exciting, every taste, smell, sight, sound or touch is an undiscovered sensation. Our programme is designed to enhance these natural tendencies.

Every new experience grows the millions of neural pathways and leads baby to new discoveries about their immediate world. Through our Rollers programme you and your baby strengthen your bonds and attachment, and baby shows the beginning of resilience.

Exploring the World

Building on from Rollers, our new ‘walkers’ are becoming mobile and ready to explore their ever-growing environment. Every step, every sound, every object grabbed is building muscle memory.

Our toddlers are taking greater risks as they learn their boundaries and are encouraged to overcome challenges. Toddlers’ first words are being used to explain their understanding of their new world.

In our Wrigglers programme, we emphasise language and gross physical movement to enhance muscle memory through play, repetition and fun. Parents can develop these ideas with their toddler at home.

Building Confidence

At this stage, our toddlers are preparing for an independent learning environment: learning to take greater risks and make independence choices. We call this child agency. As the toddler’s agency increases, so does their confidence. This is seen in the choices your toddler makes and their social interactions. 

Through the foundation of play, classroom routines and rituals are being fostered, preparing them for Unaccompanied classes.

Our Playgroup programme carefully balances child agency, with gentle guidance from familiar adults.

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