Health & Safety for Term Time

Health & Safety for Term Time
  • Properly diluted bleach is used for effective disinfection. 1:49 for contaminated surfaces and 1:99 for general cleaning.
  • All toys and equipment will be cleaned with Milton.
  • All doormats must be sprayed twice a day with 1:49 diluted bleach.
  • All door handles (especially main entrances, and exits), lift buttons, keypads, light switches, railings, etc are sanitised every hour using 1:99.
  • Toilets and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected with 1:99 diluted bleach.
  • All electronic thermometers are wiped down with 70% alcohol or 1:99 diluted bleach and then air-dried and stored in a dry place. Liquid soap and disposable tissue towels are available at each sink for hand washing. All cleaning equipment is properly maintained and disinfected with 1:49 diluted bleach.
  • All bins are covered and cleared once a day.

For Staff

  • Staff are reminded to properly wash their hands before and after caring for each child.
  • Anti-bacterial spray will be used in class sessions to sanitise surfaces, equipment and toys between uses.


For Children

  • All children have to clean their hands upon arrival on campus before entering the classroom.
  • For hygiene reasons, students must not share snacks/drinks. Please pack a nut-free snack and a full water bottle for your child.
  • Staff will help the child change to their spare mask if the one they are using is wet or soiled.
  • Children will have staggered playground time so less people cross paths.
  • Children will have access to their own working stations or work together in smaller groups.
  • Any materials that cannot be disinfected will be disposed of after the activity (ex. play-doh, sand, flour).
  • Floors will be marked for appropriate distancing.
  • The school will provide alcohol-based hand sanitisers and disposable paper towels for children to use.
  • Air-conditioning systems are well-maintained with air-filters cleaned regularly.
  • The school will have biohazard bags and bins specially for contaminated consumables such as gloves, aprons, masks, etc.
  • Staff have been trained for proper handling and disposal of biohazard bags.
  • Staff will ensure the flushing system of the toilets is working properly.


Our guidelines follow the Education Bureau and Centre for Health Protection recommendations on Health Protection Measures for Schools (updated as of May 2023).