Nurturing families from pregnancy to primary

Woodland Pre-Schools is proud to be part of the Guidepost school network. As a member of Guidepost, we are able to offer your family a seamless educational experience from pre-nursery through primary school and beyond.

Guidepost operates 8 convenient locations across Hong Kong and has a growing global community of over 100 schools worldwide. This large yet caring network means your children can continue their learning journey with Guidepost as your family’s needs and circumstances change.

At Woodland Pre-Schools and across the Guidepost network, our mission is to empower each child to reach their full potential. We aim to foster independence, thinking skills and self-directed learning in a nurturing environment. Our highly trained Montessori teachers focus on each individual child’s developmental needs and interests.

Guidepost was founded in 2016 by a team dedicated to transforming education. They brought the respected Montessori approach to more schools through an affordable, mainstream offering. At Guidepost schools like Woodland Pre-Schools, every child experiences the guidance, agency and respect that sparks lifelong curiosity, success and wellbeing. We look forward to welcoming your family into our community.

Our Unique Propositions


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Primary School

6 to 12 Years in Hong Kong

Dual Language

English and Mandarin

6 Months to 6 Years

Early Years Education


Unaccompanied Program for 1 to 2 Years


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Education For Life

From the moment of birth, your child has been practising his or her independence. Learning to eat, to move, to communicate, to observe and understand, and to take on ever greater challenges. Our mission at Guidepost is to guide and empower each child as she develops her independence, and her ability to think and do for herself.

Your child is capable of amazing things. In the right environment, your child can achieve the incredible. The internal drive developed in a child when he observes his own abilities fuels a fundamental, enduring love of learning. Our authentic Montessori programs respect how capable your child is, and set high expectations accordingly. We give children more opportunities to make choices and practice their growing independence as they construct their own sense of self and purpose through work that is joyful, rigorous, and meaningful. At Guidepost, your child will develop the deeply ingrained social, emotional, and academic skills needed to succeed as an adult.

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Primary school pathways and a global network

Guidepost is a growing school network in Hong Kong, with 8 convenient locations across the city, and a global community with more than 100 schools around the world. Joining the Guidepost community provides your family with a smooth transition into school options through pre-nursery, kindergarten, primary, and beyond, wherever your journey takes you.

The Guidepost Advantage

Continuity from Infancy through Primary School

Our programs welcome children as young as 6 months through to 12 years old, offering a consistent experience for your family as your children grow and develop. We hope we can continue to serve your family even if you relocate: Guidepost families can transfer seamlessly between our locations in Hong Kong and those across Mainland China, North America, and Europe.

Exceptional Parent Experience

We’re grateful to have the chance to serve the families in our community and want your experience with our school and staff to be as positive as your children’s. Guidepost parents have transparent daily insight into their children’s classes, tracking each child’s growth and development. Our community comes with benefits like access to the Guidepost Family Club and parent education programs. And at Guidepost, we don’t charge any fees that don’t go 100% towards your child’s tuition – no application fees, no capital levies, and no extra costs for materials.

Dual-Language Learning

Guidepost programs offer a full-time dual-language environment in which your child will use both English and Mandarin daily to learn. Your child will have one fluent English-speaking guide and one fluent Mandarinspeaking guide in his or her classroom at all times, and be surrounded by learning materials in both languages. In addition to teaching the skills to cultivate reading and writing in both languages, we use both English and Mandarin as living languages, so your child can access the entirety of our curriculum in either language.

No False Choices

You shouldn’t have to decide between “happy” schools or “academic” schools: your child’s school experience can be both joyful and rigorous. Guidepost programs provide a peaceful, supportive environment in which your child can develop a love of learning. Children in our schools are guided by their teachers through a rich and broad curriculum spanning advanced mathematics, English and Mandarin languages, world geography, and much more.

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