Nido (1 to 2 years old)

Free movement for strength and coordination

Your infant’s gross motor development progresses rapidly, and we support it through free movement. Everything in our Nido classroom is lowered to your infant’s level where babies gain strength, coordination – and confidence!

Foundational trust and loving guidance

Montessori guides observe and guide your child towards natural routines for sleeping and eating, letting him drive the process. We gently support and encourage your child as he becomes increasingly independent, developing healthy relationships with sleep, eating and toileting along the way.

Development of the hands with fine motor skills

The use of one’s hands opens the door to intelligence. Montessori infant materials are carefully designed to support this developing hand-brain connection. Careful attention is given to milestones like whole hand grasp, pincer grasp, hand-eye coordination, and coordination of two hands working together.

Building blocks of independence

Montessori guides strike a gentle balance between doing for, doing with, and stepping back once independence is achieved. Your infant will be given full support and be empowered to try new things as part of Montessori’s “freedom within limits.”

Developing language joyfully

Our guides expose your infant to as much vocabulary as possible, by clearly identifying objects and actions, and we incorporate joyful songs and stories. Our goal is to familiarize your child with precise language and help the little one begin to understand emotions.

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