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The Woodland Kennedy Town team was extremely supportive and informative from the start through admissions, orientation to in-class support. What we really appreciated as parents of a young toddler was how the Woodland team delicately handled communications and management of the ongoing government restrictions and updates during the pandemic. They went above and beyond to make sure parents received timely updates on how to support their children through at-home activities through their creative video learning. This really helped us reduce our stress as new parents and stay equipped with activities to do with our child.

Mrs Lun

We are so proud to be part of the Woodland family. Thanks to the multicultural background of the kids and caring environment, our daughter has grown up to be more confident and sociable. The teachers are very professional and enthusiastic even when teaching remotely during COVID. I think we have made a very wise decision to have our daughter attend Woodland School Kennedy Town, and we are very happy to see the great engagement between teachers and parents.

The Luo Family

Woodlands Beachside has been my go-to pre-school for all 3 of my children. All 3 of them started there as ‘wrigglers’ and absolutely loved it, and I loved being part of their vibrant and caring community. Tracey is the beating heart of the school; she knows every child’s name and she and her team provide a warm and nurturing ecosystem full of fun and curiosity. It’s the perfect springboard for whatever next step you decide for your child and gives them the tools to go to the next level of schooling with confidence.

Mrs Green

Our children, Stephen and Stella, attended the Pre-School program at Woodland Montessori Repulse Bay for three years and two years, respectively. Led by Ms. Kavita and her professional team, our children received excellent early-childhood education which equipped them with strong curiosity to learn, resilience and compassion. Under the Montessori mixed-age curriculum, our children were guided by their senior peers in the initial years. They were able to develop friendships, team work and social skills early on. The later years saw our children showing the ropes to new joiners and further developing their communication and organization skills. Self-care skills and a sense of duty are also the key highlights of Montessori education we found. We have no hesitation to recommend Woodland Montessori Repulse Bay to prospective parents.

The Chang Family

My daughter have very much enjoyed every moment in class with her teachers and classmates starting at a very young age. It is truly sad to leave the Woodland Sai Kung community but yet exciting at the same time. On behalf of our daughter, we want to thank everyone in the school who have helped her grow, learn and develop since the age of 12 months. As a parent, I couldn’t be happier to have chosen Woodland Sai Kung for my child. You still have my youngest in your hands. Thank you!

Mrs Lau

We’d like to thank you and all the Woodland’s team for making it such a great experience for Sophia over the past years, especially during the challenges that Covid-19 has presented. You really do a wonderful job – thank you!

The Plifka Family

My son is currently in Playgroup. He has been at Woodlands since he was 8 months and we have loved seeing him progress in leaps and bounds. The experience he has taken away is invaluable. My husband and I would like to give a huge thanks to all the teachers and staff, especially, Ms Marianne. She has been brilliant in helping him to be more inquisitive. Also, we are so grateful knowing that he is in a safe, caring and loving environment.

Mrs Turner

Enrolling both kids at Woodland Happy Valley have been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Woodland lets the child learn at their own pace.  From Mercy’s first time in school till now, she has grown socially, emotionally and cognitively. Mercy loves her teacher and told me she wants to go to school every day. She has become confident, outgoing, very good at expressing her feelings and emotions and has an uncontrollable desire to learn.

Ms Leung

The parts we like most about Woodland Happy Valley are all the fun activities they design for kids and the teachers. Kids can expose to many activities in each module during class and Ms Marianne is very good at interacting with children. Not to mention, Harvey recognize and dance along to all those songs in those videos Ms Marianne put together when school had to close due to COVID. In addition, Woodland kept a timely and informative communication with parents, which is important to new parents like us. We would like to thank Ms Tracey and her team, especially Ms. Marianne for providing a wonderful journey for Harvey during the past year. We are glad to see that he has grown up and have learned so many new skills from Woodland.

Mrs Xu

Emma came to Woodland Pre-school for Roller and Wriggler classes since she was 6 months old. The teachers are native English speakers and the classroom settings are full of excitement. Also, they have a high standard regarding hygiene and safety. Emma enjoys her lessons very much. The teachers are very caring and always help you out with some helpful parenting tips whenever you ask. I highly recommend this school to all of you.

Mrs Chung

We have been a Woodlands family through three children now (Rollers through Pre School), and have loved the teachers, the environment, the individual student attention and the communication with parents from the team at Beachside. Our children have come home every day with stories, artwork and new facts to share – and always with a smile. As a parent, you can’t ask for more!

Mrs Oliver

Our girls had a wonderful experience at Beachside! It’s a very social place with a great sense of community; special friendships are forged. Importantly for us, children have an opportunity to be creative and learn through play. At this early stage in the education journey it’s crucial to have happy, engaged learners. Both our girls looked forward to classes each day. We are very thankful for the time they spent at Beachside.

The Richardson Family

Walking into Beachside for the first time filled us with joy. Bright, sunny, full of laughter and fun, it was an instant decision that we never looked back on. From 2yrs upwards, our daughter was happily dressing up as both Princesses and astronauts, learning about local and British culture and creating endless ‘masterpieces’ while making good friends and loving her teachers. Most importantly, she was bursting full of happy confidence with a love of learning and school. She was brilliantly prepared for Kellett and will always look back fondly at her time at Woodlands.

The Knight Family

Woodlands Montessori Repulse Bay was such a beautiful place for my children to begin their education. We arrived in Hong Kong not knowing anyone and Kavita and the teaching staff gave me such a warm welcome I immediately felt part of the Woodlands family. From the very young years when the children were only just starting to learn about school, the Woodlands teachers were incredibly nurturing and kind – to both the children starting school and parents who were leaving their beloved for the first time! When the children grew older and joined prep for primary they provided an excellent foundation for their transition to primary school. My children started primary school with confidence in both literacy and numeracy, as well as confidence in themselves and their abilities. I am so thankful to Kavita and all the teaching staff at Woodlands Montessori Repulse Bay for all their love, care and support to both myself and my children. We miss you!

The Read Family

My family and I have been associated with Woodlands Repulse Bay since 2015, with both my elder boys moving up through the stages from rollers to preschool until we departed Hong Kong for Australia in 2021. What a journey it’s been! Kavita and her team of mostly very long-serving staff have been wonderful at every stage, consistently providing a caring, thoughtful, safe and engaging environment for their students to learn – even in the midst of a pandemic! I unreservedly recommend this school to any prospective students and their families looking for a diverse, welcoming and happy school that accommodates children of all developmental stages and inclusion levels.

The Michaels Family

I am very happy with 3 calls a day, including group get together calls. Usually grandparents come to our home to take care of my daughter and play with her, but since the pandemic, they can’t visit her much and these calls are keeping her occupied. We are loving the activities and never thought shaving foam, hair gel and toothpaste can be used for sensorial activities. Thank you. My daughter also started to speak in English full sentences last week.

The Chu Family

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