Extra-Curricular Activities

At Woodland Pre-Schools, we have a fantastic array of extra-curricular programmes, known as Clubs, that are available to Woodland and non-Woodland children. These have been carefully selected to best suit the age of the children in our care, and to offer them opportunities to find other interests and hobbies outside of the classroom.

Our Clubs run on a termly basis from Monday to Friday at each of our five Woodland campuses. There is a mixture of activities available to our Stepping Stones and Pre-Schools children that are either led by a passionate member of staff or by one of our leading service providers, which all contribute to a thorough and inclusive programme for our community.

Top Flight Basketball was founded by former NBA Basketball player – Ike Nwankwo. Their programme provides a fun yet challenging environment, where children grow in confidence, gain self-esteem, and begin to develop important motor skills. Their specially designed games and exercises will keep children engaged and enthralled, all while learning a new sport.

A team of professional coaches will lead the activities, focusing on coordination, agility, and motor skills, with programmes tailored to each child’s age, ability, and skill level. Lessons will be administered in a safe, challenging, and fun environment, which will keep your child entertained and help improve their overall athleticism.

Three boys learning basketball

Little Movers is a one-of-a-kind dance programme created for young children. Classes will focus on the building blocks of all movement rather than just once specific style of dance. The Little Movers believe in arming children with control and understanding of the body so that they can tackle any kind of movement to music. Children will stretch, develop skills and techniques to build coordination, use fun props, be introduced to dance choreography, and play some fun games around music.

Our “Little Movers” leave their classes every week feeling like they have achieved a new personal milestone and their confidence will grow with every dance! Plus, you can keep the dance party going from home and practice with our Little Movers teachers on YouTube!

Clubs-8268 dance

Major League Football Academy are on hand to deliver football FUNdamentals to our future World Cup winners. Their specially designed programme provides a positive introduction to the sport for boys and girls, in a structured and enjoyable environment. With a focus on physical literacy, ball skills and the basics of movement and play, your child will learn valuable social skills, coordination, teamwork, confidence, and above all they will have loads of fun!


The iGym gymnastics programme is an excellent introduction to basic gymnastics movements and balances. The programme is designed for ages 3-6 years to enhance children’s gross motor skills, improve concentration, and develop body awareness and instill confidence. Children will learn mind and body coordination through fun games and activities that will build their foundation for gymnastics skills, starting with animal body shapes and exercises that encourage them to be creative.

Safety is paramount and technicality will be emphasised as coaches teach the correct body forms and shapes when executing gymnastic skills. Mini challenges will be incorporated to boost confidence, nurture social skills, and develop team spirit.

iGym Gymnastics will not only strengthen their little bodies but develop their minds helping them to understand different gymnastics concepts, taking turns, being part of a team and other life lessons in a funtastic way!


Fun, structured play sessions by Rugbytots will be on offer that will take your child on a journey of sporting imagination with their engaging and energetic coaches supporting them every step of the way. They’ll learn to catch, pass, kick, run with the ball and play as part of a team.

Classes are fast-paced, fun, and your child will be encouraged to work both independently, as well as enjoying team games. Rugby specific skills are gently introduced, and all the equipment used has been specifically designed and selected for young children.

Be prepared to run across the jungle, wade through the quicksand or sprint through Rugbytots Valley. Get ready to protect your egg, launch a missile or attack the pirates and seize the ship, all this of course, whilst trying to avoid the evil side lines!


From the creators of the popular “Little Movers” dance classes now comes Little Movers Yoga! This is a brand-new yoga programme created for young children with a focus on mindfulness, wellness and fun! Our yoga sessions are a multifaceted class that provide many benefits to little bodies and minds. Using stories, stretches, relaxation and games, these classes will have all our Little Movers feeling stronger and happier than ever before!

Children will learn many different positions and flows while improving their strength, balance, and ability to concentrate on single tasks all the while joining in on fun yoga-based adventures and stories that will keep them engaged from start to finish.

Little Movers Yoga is yet another way that we can help our Little Movers develop mentally and physically and we can’t wait to see everyone there!”

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