WMA Outdoor Ed-2-3

Outdoor Education in Aberdeen Country Park

At Woodland Pre-Schools, we ensure that your child can learn outdoors. We believe the outdoor environment is an extension of the classroom, offering essential growth in our children’s well-being and development.

At Woodland Pre-Schools, an outdoor educational experience is just as valuable as a classroom setting. Therefore, we always encourage our campuses to participate in field trips that enrich the children’s outdoor knowledge.

Our children are natural-born explorers, and their early years are filled with curiosity and exploration. Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum was created with outdoor experiences in mind, providing a natural extension of nature. Our intentional in-classroom setups reach beyond our classrooms, and we encourage the students to explore the outdoors independently and in groups.

Taking risks, being resilient and learning about courage and empathy are soft skills developed along the way. Numeracy, literacy, or even keeping your balance are more complex skills learned along the paths they walk!

With the Backyard Gang, children went on a scavenger hunt to find different elements such as leaves, sticks, stones and seeds. After which, they could come together in groups to discuss and compare. Our children learned to identify and separate the various objects around them.

Throughout this fantastic experience, the children were taught how to build scales using items they found in nature, such as twigs, twine and bamboo. Once the scales were built, our children were allowed to experiment! Comparing different items, discovering how to balance a scale and learning through play made the day!

With our outdoor experiences, your children learn how to behave responsibly in the wild while allowing them to be curious and creative.

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