January 15, 2021


The Prep for Primary class follows an inquiry-based and project-based curriculum from Curriculum Maestro. The Crickets Class in Sai Kung has started a new 6-week inquiry-project called Rio de Vida through Home-Based Learning. This project leads children to learn about the culture and geography of Brazil. It develops children’s knowledge and appreciation of Latin American music while honing their composition, singing and performing skills. 

To give our children a global perspective of Geography, we started learning about the seven continents and the natural and urban habitats. The children got very interested and started investigating into the Amazon Rainforest as well. While we were exploring, the children learned to analyse fiction and non-fiction texts and gathered information from them. 

The following week, we will learn about Brazil’s magical myths and legends. We will continue to explore this topic by learning about festivals from around the world and diving deep into cultural traditions and festivities.