April 19, 2021


At Woodland Sai Kung, our Prep for Primary class started their new inquiry-based project – ‘Enchanted Woodland’. This project offers the children an excellent opportunity to explore the new spring season. The class will observe and identify plants and animals, understand seasonal changes and appreciate the wonder of the woodland, whilst expanding their knowledge of different wildlife and their habitats.

During our first week, the Crickets class took a virtual “walk in the woods”. We discussed our five senses and what we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste when we go into the woods and the children used some wonderful adjectives to describe these such as “a rocky ground”, “the dark woods”, “the trees are tall”, and “the berries taste sweet”. We finished the day learning how to use and blend watercolour paints to reflect those colours we see in nature.

The Crickets class are encouraged to visit a woodland or natural environment close to where they live and record a log of what they encountered. This will lead to the next step of the children creating their very own non-fiction story book.