March 2, 2021


We are so excited to welcome our children back to school as we have lots in store for them. Miss Kiki, Stepping Stones Mandarin TA, is a keen physical education educator. Inspired by Cognita’s Be Well Charter, which focuses on the wellbeing of our children and our community, we will embark on our ‘Active Thursdays’ initiative starting on Thursday 4 March. 

Movement for pre-school aged children holds numerous benefits. Not only are they developing their agility, balance and sense of space, but they are also developing their social skills through teamwork.

On ‘Active Thursdays’, we will work on different muscle groups, skills and locomotor development, as well as ball skills, marching drills, circuit training, tree poses and more. Part of the session will focus on the benefits of hydrating our bodies after every sweat session and how important water is for all living beings. We are hoping that this initiative will increase chidlren’s awareness on their physical health and embed a culture of wellbeing in our campus.