well being podcast
May 1, 2020


Join us for a series of Woodland Wellbeing Podcast, where every week, we invite early years education experts to share the science behind children’s behaviors and practical well-being strategies that you can try with your child.

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1“The Importance of Rituals” with Rachael Symes (Head of Early Years @The Early Learning Village at AIS)
2“How to talk to your child about Coronavirus?” with Beth Kerr (Group Director of Wellbeing @Cognita)
3“Mindfulness & Physical Activity” with Ruby & Vicky (Teachers @Woodland Pre-Schools)
4“Self-Regulations” with Adam Patterson (Head of Elementary @AIS)
5“Red Zone / blue Zone” with Andrew Mowat (Principal Partner, MetaLearn Education)
6“Quality > Quantity” with Simon Camby (Group Education Director)
7“Soft Skills” with Andy Hancock (Education Director, Asia)
8“Sleep & Nutrition” with Charles Horowitz (Education Lead @Woodland Pre-Schools)

(and more…)