December 1, 2021


Ms Kiki has been introducing the character for ‘person’ – rén (人)

She started off by asking her class to count how many people are in the classroom. Kiki started off saying yí (一), then one child said èr (二), Ms Chika said sān (三), and so on until we counted everyone.

She displayed the number 9 and the Chinese character for person 人 on the blackboard and gave the children a chance to write it on the blackboard too. After that, she proceeded to use loose parts to draw the character on the floor. Ms Kiki then invited the children to see what they could find around the classroom to make the character.

The children took up the challenge and were engaged for a good 20 minutes, finding and using various materials to draw the character.

Look at how well they have understood how to make the character ‘ren’ (人).