September 23, 2022

Woodland Mid-Levels Pre-School

Pandas Class

The Pandas have been exploring a variety of mediums during Art this term. Recently they have been working with watercolour paints. As they have been exploring the United Kingdom, during their Inquiry Project, they decided to paint British landscapes that inspired them. The Pandas class began by sketching their selected landscape before using watercolour paints to add dimension and colour. They produced some beautiful artwork that we have displayed proudly in our classroom!

Dragonflies Class

“My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes”

For the first project of this academic year, the Dragonflies will be covering the topic of “Let’s Explore” in our Programme of Inquiry, where children will be exploring the different school areas and the outside world. We began our journey by reading the book “My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes” by Eve Sutton. The story is about cats from different countries, and there is always one who likes to hide in boxes. We set up boxes of different sizes to see what our curious explorers can do with them!