October 20, 2022

Digital Citizenship Week at Happy Valley

This week at Happy Valley, we successfully launched and ran the inaugural Digital Citizenship Week. Focussing on how to use technology safely, in our ever-changing and technologically developing world, is essential – and that is exactly what our Pre-School students explored and learned.

Over the course of the week, we investigated the different emotions we may feel when using technology. Some students expressed how they feel sad when they need to say “goodbye” to their iPads, and others explained that they really “love playing games on the TV”. Using different coloured dyes and by drawing pictures, the students were offered the chance to be creative and express themselves and their emotions visually. We also looked at how to interact with others online, and what we should do to be respectful of those around us when using devices.

We ended the week by reflecting on everything we’d covered, and by creating posters to highlight the rules we should adopt when using technology. We look forward to continuing to reinforce these important lessons, and to having our students be safe and responsible Digital Citizens!

This week, we are celebrating Digital Citizenship Week. Woodland is a Common Sense School promoting healthy relationships with technology. To continue the celebration, our podcast’s first episode is about Digital Citizenship!

We invite you to tune in and listen: