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Summer Fun Weekly Updates

summer fun programme

31st July 2017

Going deep down into the ocean we’ll be exploring lots of sand and water play this week! 

We’ll be making our own crab maracas to help us sing lots of fun fishy songs including one of our favourites ‘baby shark’. We’ll be acting this song out and as we think about how different sea creatures move around we’ll explore different ways to move our own bodies!

Princes, princes, dragons and castles next week!

The final week of Summer is set to be full of wonder and magic as the children explore some of the best-known fairy tales. We’ll join the elves in creating beautiful shoes, we’ll design a new T-shirt for the Emperor and we’ll see just how fast the ginger bread man really can run. We’ll be stomping around like giants once they’ve climbed the beanstalk and they’ll go on a scavenger hunt in search of Snow White’s lost apples.

Check out our theme calendars in the upcoming weeks:


Summer Fun Programme is open to all children aged 6 months to 7 years. You can enrol for 1 week, or the whole 6 week course!  

To find out more about our school and summer programmes please contact us directly today:


Take a look at the incredible times our children are having in class last week!  Please click below to enter our photo gallery for Week 2:









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