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The Woodland Montessori Pre-School (Caine Road)

Conveniently located near the Mid Levels escalator on Caine Road, this vibrant school provides an exciting and nurturing environment in which children thrive. In addition to the classes we have at our main school site, we also offer classes at the Woodland Junior Academy, just across the street from the Woodland Montessori Academy.

At the Woodland Junior Academy, we offer Rollers, Wrigglers and Playgroup classes aimed at children from 6 to 30 months.




Like all Woodland Pre-Schools, we aim to provide the very highest quality international pre-school education.

Accredited by the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB), the school uses highly effective Montessori teaching methods and offers English, bilingual and Pure Mandarin classes.


The Montessori Teaching Approach

Italy's first female physician, Maria Montessori was a visionary educator and humanitarian who devoted her life to studying and observing children.

According to the Montessori philosophy, children are motivated from within by an innate curiosity and love of learning. The goal of early education is to cultivate the child's own desire to learn. This is achieved within a specially prepared environment, the Montessori classroom. Each classroom is carefully planned by our fully qualified Montessori teachers who constantly observe the children's interactions within the prepared environment, changing it to fulfill their needs.

Modern research supports Dr. Montessori's belief that children pass through various periods of intense fascination for developing a particular activity or skill. Classrooms encourage the child at each of these stages by providing the right learning materials and exercises.

Within a structured framework, children develop at their own pace under the guidance of the Montessori teacher. They acquire skills naturally, gain an early enthusiasm for learning, and develop their self esteem, independence and self-discipline.

Everything in the Montessori environment is scaled to be the right size for a child. They can access attractive equipment that can be easily moved and rearranged. Within boundaries children are free to choose materials they feel confident and comfortable with, encouraging their sense of independence. They can work alone or with others - it's their choice. There are no pressures, punishments, forced homework or rote learning.

The curriculum covers a number of key learning areas: social development, language and literacy, mathematical development, knowledge and understanding, physical development, and creative development. Moreover, children are able to develop their kinesthetic abilities through specially designed Montessori materials.



Woodland Montessori Academy

On Fung Building,
110-118 Caine Road, Mid Levels, Hong Kong

Woodland Junior Academy

G/F, Kam Kin Mansion,
119-125 Caine Road, Mid Levels, Hong Kong

Tel:     (+852) 2549 1211
Fax:    (+852) 2549 9011


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